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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Amazing Beach Lot in Panacan, Narra, Palawan FOR SALE!!!

LOT 2  Still  AVAILABLE!!!   
 View of LOT 2 from LOT 3

Road-Right-of-way at the back of each lots... FROM LOT 5

Going to LOT 4
Road Right of way connecting to Tugbuan 1 Municipal Road

Existing road from Lot 1

LOT 5    SOLD!!!

LOT 3   SOLD!!!

View from LOT 1

View of  LOT  4  from the beach...

Partial View of  LOT 4

ONLY  LOT 2  is available, with 37.5 meters beach frontage.

Beach Lot property located at Caguisan, Narra, Palawan with only LOT 2 AVAILABLE for sale @ a Lump Sum Amount of Ph 1,987,660  (NET of closing costs, LEGAL fees, Miscellaneous fees, Capital Gains).

Each lot has an area of 1 hectare or 10,000sqm.

Narra, Palawan is only 2 hours away from the heart of the City, Puerto Princesa.

The lot has it's own "electrical Post". The beach is very clean and pristine with gray to beige sand. The back of the lot is planted with coconut trees.

Beach lot frontage approximately 202  for the length of the beach (Lots 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1), beach length of neighboring lots not included.

The Property is a good prospect for building a resort, private vacation house, motels, mahogany plantation, propagation of coconut virgin oil, ostrich raising, etc. It is also near Crystal Paradise Resort and Maydavian Beach Resort along the highway going to the property.

There is also an island fronting the beach known as "Emelina Island" which is a 7-10 minute boat ride.

It is also 6 hours away from the Diving Spot "Tubattaha Reef".

Roads within the town of Narra are cemented and roads going to the said property are good. The property is accessible from the highway taking TUGBUAN 1 Municipal Road and TUGBUAN 2,  Palawan is booming with tourism these days and is expected to double the size in a year time.

*  Clean Titled Property

Please contact direct:

Lee  @ Mobile Numbers: +63 922 814 1867 (Working only when I am in Manila) / +63 927 292 2790  /  +63 949 619 1591


Partial View of  LOT 4




  1. Only Lot 2 & 9 AVAILABLE!

  2. Lots 2, 4 & 9 still available!

  3. Only LOT 2 (can be extended up to LOT 9) is AVAILABLE!!!

  4. Lot 2 & Lot 1 still available!!!

  5. Good day Ms. Lee....

    does lot 1 and lot 2 are still available?

    im interested...

  6. Hello there! Yes Lorie, Lot 2 & Lot 1 still available... please email me @

  7. Lot 2 & Lot 1 Still available for sale!!! God bless every one!

  8. To those interested.... please email @

    God bless every one!

  9. Only Lot 2 & Lot 1 AVAILABLE!

    Lot 2
    Frontage: 37.5 meters

    Lot 1
    Frontage: 36.44 meters


  10. Just for clarification, how much or an estimate price per lot?

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  13. Each Lot has 10,000 square meter area...

    1. Available pa po LOT 2? Thanks!


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